About the Author


Andrew Schrock researches how governments, organizations, and residents design and implement technology for civic purposes. I’m especially interested in how the “civic tech” movement might help reform democratic institutions by improving communication within government and among external partners.

Currently I am a post-doctoral fellow at Chapman University and teach at UCLA. My writing has appeared in publications such as New Media & Society; the International Journal of Communication; Information, and Social Media + Society. I have put these ideas into practice through volunteering and working with government. In a previous life, I was a software engineer and wrote articles on technology for publications like the MIT Technology Review.

These experiences have culminated in Civic Tech: Making Technology Work for People, an accessible and compelling narrative about changing democratic institutions to be more just and equitable. If you have never heard about the movement, you will encounter an exciting story about underdogs tackling our most difficult social problems. Educators will recognize enduring debates about technology and civic well-being. I hope you like what you read and consider supporting the book!