Advance praise for Civic Tech: Making Technology Work for People 

Andrew Schrock has the head of a hacker and the heart of an activist—a pretty powerful combination if what you want to do is use new media platforms and practices to change the world. I can’t think of anyone who would be a better guide to the bold new world of Civic Tech, a topic which should be close to the heart for educators and community organizers alike.”

—Henry Jenkins, co-author of By Any Media Necessary: The New Youth Activism

“Right now is an exciting time in local government. The City of Long Beach has led the way with innovative collaborations and technologies that have directly benefitted residents. For years Andrew has been part of the city’s Technology and Innovation commission, teaching the next wave of technologists, and talking with local geeks to learn what is working. I believe Andrew is the best person to write about how civic tech can change our lives for the better!

— Robert Garcia, Mayor of Long Beach 

This book guides us and exemplifies the spirit of participation animating civic tech. Civic hacking and civic tech hold immense promise for changing the way citizens (and non-citizens) engage with politics and their government.  Schrock’s book will help everyone get a better handle on this promise and point the way towards some possible futures.  It’s exciting to watch a new mode of political engagement emerge—but even more important to figure out what’s working.”

—Chris Kelty, author of Two Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software

Civic Tech looks on track to be a compelling narrative of the growth and explosion of the civic tech movement. Andrew Schrock is a thoughtful observer blending the rigor of academia with an equity laced obsession with grass-roots truth.  I’ve seen Andrew apply his critique in ways that illuminate the big picture without forgetting the grunt-work needed to get things done… this new book under development by Andrew Schrock is starting out strong—weaving the tale of grassroots efforts to make our cities better, more equitable places, with attention to the systems and forces that remain opposed to such changes.” 

—Steve Spiker, Director of Urban Strategies Council

“Andrew is one of the most generous scholars I know.  While some hoard their good ideas for personal gain, Andrew openly shares them — especially ones with the power to make the world great through collective action.  While some write in a manner that is purposefully (or accidentally) opaque, Andrew’s authorial style is open, accessible, and welcoming to a wide audience.” 

—Meryl Alper, author of Giving voice: Mobile Communication, Disability, and Inequality 

It seems civic tech is more than just a fad. More and more resources are being put towards developing platforms and tools that attempt to harness the capacities of digital media to shape public life. Along the way, there are crucial issues to attend to, such as what does it mean for notions citizenship, governance, and community? Andrew Schrock’s research is important in helping us grapple with these questions. His writing is clear and insightful—what is needed to make sense of the civic tech movement. 

—Carl DiSalvo, author of Adversarial Design